Small businesses and other types of company have to comply with legal and insurance requirements for First Aid provision and other essential training. As a general rule, we recommend having a trained First Aider available at all times - this will probably mean training more than one person in First Aid.It's also important to check your insurance documentation to make sure you fully comply with any policies you hold.


Here is a link to HSENI which will outline the minimum requirements for First Aid provision for small companies. Other information for larger organisations is also available on this site.


Under the Health & Safety Act 1998 all employers have a legal responsibility to ensure the protection of their employees from violent or physical attack and bullying. Suitable training must be provided where this possibility exists.

The programme is open to any person who through their work may come into contact with members of the public or who could find themselves in a potentially violent situation.  

Tutors are fully registered and have a wealth of experience dealing with aggression & violence in Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, Adult and Child Care establishments, organisations and businesses that have to deal with aggression & violence in the workplace.